My wife and I have already done the Dirty Dash and we’ve both already competed in our first 5K.  I’ve also done it many times in my workouts and have now exceeded that quite a bit.  But I’ve decided to go back and help my wife train the same way I did so she can improve her time and improve herself.  We both started out doing the C25K program but it became too much for her knees to handle.  Just recently, however, she told me how she enjoyed walking outside more than on the treadmill so I thought “Why not try it outside and see how it goes?”  And so it began.

We started on week 1/day 1 of the program on Monday and it’s amazing how those little bursts can drop your time down quite a bit.  Normally it takes us close to an hour to walk the 3.1 miles but Monday we were able to finish in 50 minutes.  Not bad!  I know that I could be lifting weights on these days instead of increasing my running again, but I want to encourage my wife and be there for her every step of the way.  Eventually, we’re both going to fighting over who runs the fastest 5K, and I wouldn’t want to miss her trying to kick my butt for anything.


Breakfast – Overnight Oatmeal
Lunch – Pizza and breadsticks
Dinner – Baked chimichangas
Dessert – Donuts!


An hour+ of walking at work

3.1 miles doing week 1/day 1 of C25K

3 thoughts on “Day 162… C25K again??

    1. Yeah, it’s been nice running outside. The one spot that has a nasty sewage smell and the smell of everyone mowing their lawns isn’t pleasant for me, but it hasn’t been too bad.

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