Well, a personal record.  But isn’t that what records are? Yeah, someone can juggle longer than I can, someone can swallow more glass than I can, but does it really matter in the end?  Maybe.  They are all in record books to be immortalized while I’m just me.  But anyway…

I made it 5 miles today at the gym.  I was pushing for that a long time ago and just couldn’t quite make it.  Thursay, I pushed myself hard right at the beginning and didn’t let myself slow down until I was already halfway through a 5K.  At that point, it wasn’t too hard to make it the remainder of the distance.  But I was proud of myself anyway.  Now I have to figure out what I’m going to do next.  I guess 6.2 miles or whatever a 10K ends up being.

We also carved our pumpkins today.  I wasn’t sure what to do as I’ve never been a professional at carving them, but I sort of took my own idea and ran with it.  I didn’t use a design or stencil, just went with the craziness that was in my head.  And it turned out frightening enough!


Breakfast – Homemade Egg McMuffin
Snacks – Pumpkin chocolate chip cookie and some jerky
Lunch – Sausage and bean tacos
Dinner – Turkey burgers and fries
Dessert – Protein shake and donuts


An hour+ of walking at work

5 miles on the treadmill

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