It’s been a while since I pounded some pounds, pressed some limits and sweated in the underground weight room at my gym.  My back pretty much made me afraid of the place.  When I was at the doctor, he had told me that I could continue to lift but that I shouldn’t increase the weight.  What’s the point of lifting, then?  It isn’t my initial goal to tighten and tone, I don’t want to do reps, I want to build muscle.

Now before anyone jumps I know, I  know it’s virtually impossible to build muscle and lose weight at the same time.  I suppose for now I can focus on reps vs. weight since I am doing circuit training but I am still being told I shouldn’t lift heavy.  That puts a big crimp in my future plans as I have to decide if I want to tempt fate with my back and build muscle or simply let it lie.  I can’t just let it lie, it’s not how I roll.

Anyway, I had a nice afternoon though I decided to change things up a little bit.  There are always too many people in the weight room for me to do my normal circuit training, so I changed it from doing 10 sets of 3 to 5 sets of 6.  Similar method, similar movement, but I focus on one specific weight a little bit longer each time.  Not sure if it will make a difference, but we’ll see.

I also went and watched the newest Percy Jackson movie with my wife and half-the-kids.  I enjoy these movies, but I feel like I am watching an attempt at Harry Potter.  I really enjoyed the Harry Potter movies so watching these kind of puts me off when I look at it from that perspective.  I really, really enjoy the story as mythology has always been something I enjoyed… so I can at least still enjoy the movie from that perspective.


Breakfast – Homemade Egg McMuffin
Snacks – Granola bars and trail mix
Lunch – Chicken panini and chicken flatbread
Dinner – Homemade chicken tenders and onion rings
Dessert – Donuts and fig newtons


5×6 Circuit Training

Sets 1-3 Sets 4-5
Incline Press – – 145 lbs 135 lbs
Dumbbell Pullover – – 40 lbs 40 lbs
Lat Raises – – 25 lbs/hand 20 lbs/hand
Isolated Curls – – 25 lbs/hand 20 lbs/hand
T.G.S. – – 25 lbs/hand 25 lbs/hand
Dumbell Rows – – 30 lbs/hand 25 lbs/hand
Front Shoulder Rows – – 30 lbs/hand 30 lbs/hand
V Raises – – 20 lbs/hand 20 lbs/hand

5 thoughts on “Day 155… Da Gym Is Dat Way

  1. I think it is possible to build muscle and lose weight at the same time…as I understand it, more muscle increases your metabolism and aids with fat loss which is better than just generic weight loss. The number on the scale may not change as much but I think your body composition will thank you 🙂

    1. The problem is that in order to build muscle, you have to eat at a caloric surplus. To lose weight, you have to eat at a caloric deficit. You might be able to tone your muscle and strengthen the muscle you have, but you can’t actually build muscle while losing weight at the same time. The only exception is the “beginner’s build” when you first start eating less and lifting weights. But your body eventually won’t let you do it anymore.

      1. well…I think this is true in the body building world, but I have seen fatloss, weight loss and muscle % increase but maybe I am still in the beginners phase.

        I haven’t looked into that particular area in great detail and it sounds like you have, I was just going with what I have seen happening 🙂

        (I tried to make that not sound passive aggressive…just in case I failed, it wasn’t meant to be)

        also well done for getting back in the weight room (as long as your back is ok)

      2. It’s possible you’re still in that phase. There are some out there who claim if you eat perfectly (meaning nothing processed, exact measurements of carbs, protein, etc.) you can gain muscle and lose fat, but I don’t think I could ever live that way.

        Thanks about the back. Feeling good so far, though my elbow is still hurting.

      3. I probably am, I am certainly not eating perfectly…well, but far from perfect!

        good news abut the back! be careful with it…but don’t stop doing what you re doing 😀 (you know that already though)

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