Ah, the glorious weekend.  The last day of work followed by the first day of freedom.  Freedom that comes and goes as swiftly as the summer breeze.  Freedom that is fleeting like childhood yet yearned after like the homecoming queen.  Freedom from the daily ho-hum of life which is traded for the daily routine of the weekend.  Freedom at the edge of the horizon on the path paved with cotton balls.

In other words, Friday!

This Friday was a bit more exciting than the last.  More work to do, more things to keep me entertained, and I was able to test out the new basketball courts at my job site.  The only thing I can say (other than it burns more calories than just walking which is a good thing) is that it is amazing how bad I can play depending on where I am and what ball I use.  I don’t know if the basket is slightly higher or lower than normal, or if the rim is more firm than others I play on, but I look like the local “special” kid trying out for the 8th grade basketball team.  Nobody wants to tell me I’m bad so they let me “make” the team.  It was still fun, however.

Saturday and Sunday constituted a night in the mountains.  My wife and kids went to stay with her parents at a condo they had obtained for a week.  It was a nice getaway from home for a short time. Enjoyed playing basketball, tennis and pool.  Also played lots of pinochle (which I am terrible at) and just had a nice weekend with the family.  As usual, it is always a blessing to return home to my own bed.  Sometimes only one night away is all it takes.

Looking forward to this coming week as I head back to the weight room at the gym instead of the treadmills.  Here’s hoping it works out as planned.

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