Monday.  The beginning, the end, the next.

Monday started off normal for me; pain in my back, pain in my hip and pain in my ass… getting up for work.  But it ended with me pushing the limits to my exercise and feeling really proud of myself.

I haven’t done a lot of improving since my first 5K race when it comes to distance or time.  Which should I work on?  Do I want to run the same distance but faster?  Do I want to run for the same amount of time but for a longer distance?  I don’t really know what is best for what.  I suppose if I am sticking to 5K races, running them faster would make sense.  But I’ve always wanted to run 10K races and half marathons and eventually a marathon.  So would it be better to actually pace myself and get used to running longer distances?  Maybe both?

These are the arguments I have with myself all of the time.

Monday was a “run further in the same amount of time” day and it started off pretty well.  My hip and back didn’t bother me quite as much as I thought it would while running and I ended up getting close to 5 miles done.  I’m not sure what my goal is or when I plan on being at the 10K level, but I have good feelings that I will be there before too long.  Then I’ll start pushing for more.


Breakfast – Homemade Egg McMuffin
Lunch – Pizza
Dinner – Chicken and zucchini
Snack – Donuts
Dessert – Protein shake


An hour of walking at work

4.85 miles on the treadmill

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