Friday was probably the longest Friday in the history of Friday’s.  I am pretty sure that every time I looked at the clock it was going backwards, but I can’t prove it.

I also decided to go and hurt myself some more on Friday.  Running down to the cafeteria during lunch, I decided to move quickly so I didn’t waste any time.  And it was pizza.  Who wouldn’t want to move quickly for pizza?  Well, while I was in a speed-walking mood I tweaked my hip somehow.  On the way back up, it felt like my hip needed to “pop” and I couldn’t get it to.  It was bad enough that when I went to the gym on Friday I ended up only going half as long as usual because it started hurting so bad.

The old man jokes are going to keep coming, I can feel it.


An hour+ of walking at work

1.9 miles on the treadmill

Saturday is always the best day of the week.  I get to sleep in, I don’t have to work, and it’s date night with my wife.  After taking the kids to a local amusement park for a couple of hours, my wife and I caught up on some Dexter and then went on our date.  We had a delicious dinner at Iggy’s Sports Grill and then went to a local venue for a small concert given by Lucy Rose.  Her group is (I believe) from the UK and they were on tour with another group but decided to continue on their own when their tour was up.  They stopped at a small, open-house venue called Kilby Court and performed for about 50 people.  It was a unique experience… I am pretty sure I was the 3rd oldest person in the building, but it was fun!



Sunday was pretty great this week as well.  Sleeping in always makes the day better, I always say.  Other than that, it was time for some football (stinking Broncos giving me a heart attack) and some pizza.  I also went and played basketball with my son and went on a walk in the crisp evening with my wife and kids.  The only bad part about Sunday is that it is the prelude to Monday.

That needs to change.


45 minutes of basketball

30 minute walk and some shopping as well

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