It’s October.  My vision of October is slightly cooler days than summer, more clouds, maybe a bit more rain… but my vision of October never has been “winter” or “snow” or anything like that.  But this is Utah, the state where it snows in July and is far too hot in December.  The state where you can have all four seasons in a single day.  The state where you can leave for the day wearing a tank top and shorts and have to return home in a coat and rain boots.  So I guess there really is no way to get used to what the weather will be because it is constantly changing.

And right now it’s damn cold.

I used to be the guy who would wear shorts all year long.  I didn’t get bothered by having cold legs because my legs just didn’t get cold.  I didn’t even wear a coat that often when it was cold.  But I guess that is something you do when you’re a young buck, and now that I am at the ripe, old age of 33 I am too old to wander around in the snow with my shorts and t-shirt on.

It probably wouldn’t be such an issue if I didn’t spend so much time outside walking.  My friend and I walk during our breaks and lunch every day, and I spend more time walking while I wait for the train to go back home after work.  That usually ends up being nearly an hour and a half outside just for wandering around.  When it’s in the 40’s outside, it makes it a bit unpleasant.  Thursday wasn’t terrible, but it was chilly enough that I have decided this weekend I will be retiring my shorts to the closet and pulling my big boy pants out for the foreseeable future.

Other than being cold while outside and it still being a day I had to work, Thursday was not a too bad of a day.  My back is feeling better, I had a nice workout at the gym (though my knee was giving me problems while running) and I got to watch some more Dexter.  Yes, I am behind the times, but it’s what happens when you don’t want to pay out the butt for TV.


Breakfast – Homemade Egg McMuffin
Snacks – Jerky and granola bars
Lunch – Hot Dogs
Dinner – Pot Stickers
Dessert – Protein shake


An hour+ of walking at work

4.28 miles on the treadmill

2 thoughts on “Day 144… Must Wear Pants

  1. this amused me greatly for a minute…until I switched on my US English to UK English translation brain and realised you are not talking about underwear!


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