Well, nobody probably noticed my absence, but the back issues from earlier this week have kept me pretty much bed-ridden.  Today is the first day back at work since taking nearly 2 full days off (there goes some of my Christmas vacation time) but I don’t feel like going into all of the boring details of what I ate and did while stuck in bed.  I watched Dexter, I played Call of Duty, I went to the doctor and got better drugs and am waiting to set up an appointment for an MRI to see what is wrong with my back, I ate lots of unhealthy food and I didn’t (couldn’t) exercise at all.

I’m back at work today, however.  My back still hurts whether I’m standing or sitting or lying, but the prednisone, lortab and flexeril that I am on make it all better.  I just gotta say that I am glad that I ride the Frontrunner these days instead of driving.  The doctor says it may make me drowsy and they weren’t kidding.  Though the prednisone is supposed to give me insomnia.  It didn’t last night, that’s for sure.  Best night of sleep I’ve had in a while.  I only woke up once to visit the closet monster and then passed right back out.

Anyway, I plan on getting fully back on track starting next week.  This weekend I have a date with my wife, a friend coming over tonight and a mother-in-law’s birthday dinner.  Hopefully by the time Monday rolls back around everything will be back to normal.

3 thoughts on “Day 136 & 137… The Writeoffs

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I hope that it gets better. I know I’m pretty much screwed and will always have back issues, but I am tired of missing work and other things because of it. Hopefully I find a way to get through it and continue on my path.

      1. I am sure you will! you just have to take care. I am sure what you are doing will help your back in the long run, you just have to make sure you do things in a way that won’t aggravate it in the meantime!

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