So the day after the Dirty Dash was a whole new eye opener.  I played football in high school, I wrestled, I was a lot more active a lot more of the time back in those days.  But I don’t think I ever felt the way I did on Sunday.

The first thing I noticed was the bruise the size of Cleveland on my foot.  That came from running the race barefoot and having to jump over things and finding the one giant rock buried in the mud.  On top of that, the cuts and scrapes from sliding all over and being buried in the mud up to my waist, my toe somehow being damaged which I didn’t know about until after and my whole body feeling like I was hit by a few horses along the trail.

In other words, I feel great.  I feel wonderful.  I did nearly 6 miles of brutal mud-ridden obstacles, wearing probably 10 pounds of extra crap in my pockets and soaked into my clothes, and only bypassed one obstacle (the very last rope climb was just not for me).  If this had been the Spartan Race, I would have had to do some burpees to make up for it, but it was the Dirty Dash, it was supposed to be fun!  And I had fun!  I had a blast!  It was an experience I may never do again or I may do every year, who knows.

Since we were both so sore, I felt it might be in our best interest for my wife and I to stay lazy on Sunday.  Other than the usual shopping, of course.  But by the end of the day I was feeling restless so my wife and I went to play basketball.  Invited the kids, but they didn’t want to come, so it was just some 1-on-1 followed by HORSE.  I won, but she put up a good fight.


Lunch – Pizza and chicken bake
Dinner – Chicken strips and potatoes
Dessert – Protein shake with Cracklin’ Oat Bran


Basketball for an hour

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