Well, as promised I did not post anything while in Vegas.  I was having far too much fun for my birthday to worry about my blog.  And I’ll admit it, I did not eat healthy, I did not worry about what I should or should not have, I did not worry about exercising, I did not worry about all of that stuff.  I ate at buffets, I ate at Hash House A Go Go, I had lots of peanut butter M&M’s, I had more soda than water, I had red velvet cupcakes and I had some alcohol.  And I’m not bothered or worried about any of it.  If I gain a pound or two (big if, if you ask me) then I will work on losing it like normal.

So I won’t be going into all that I ate and all that I did.  We did a LOT of walking around and I actually burned a lot of calories the first couple of days because we spent so much time on our feet.  Yesterday was not nearly as good since we spent most of the time in the car, but that was to be expected.  Things will get back to normal now this week and I will be back on the wagon.

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