Broncos v Ravens

So anyone who didn’t watch the game last night either doesn’t have television or lives under a rock!  What an amazing performance from the next Superbowl Champions!  I was worried at a couple points, and there were some stupid mistakes (let me flip the ball like I’m cool before I cross into the endzone) but overall the team played really well.  And that was without Champ and Miller!  Now I like me some Champ but those defensive backs for the Broncos who were filling in really made some great plays and held their own.  Perhaps it’s time for Mr. Roland Bailey to look at hanging up the number 24?  And then when Von comes back, will he make a huge difference?  That pass rush was amazing!  The Broncos are just off to a great start.

Thursday was a pretty good day as well.  I had a good day at work, finally was able to upgrade my phone after 2 years and got to watch the game with my wife.  Unfortunately, a few of my kids don’t care for football and the one who watches it isn’t living here, so I sent her a few texts through the game while we were playing.  I got my exercise in and did a pretty good job of jogging/running, and burned some massive calories for the day.  I even had some to spare but there was no possible way I could have eaten any more.  I wasn’t even able to finish my protein shake.


Breakfast – Overnight oatmeal with dark chocolate
Snacks – Beef jerky
Lunch – Shepherd’s Pie
Snacks – Pizza rolls
Dinner – Baked chicken chimichangas
Dessert – Cookies and a protein shake with Cracklin’ Oat Bran


An hour of walking at work

4.46 miles on the treadmill including running/jogging uphill

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