Many people I talk to who are “dieting” or making a lifestyle change find that social events are one of the hardest to do.  They either feel that they can’t go to them because they’ll be embarrassed by the fact that they don’t eat the food there, or they are afraid they’ll overindulge.  Well, Tuesday brought to me an opportunity to be in one of these said events and still survive the day unscathed.  My team decided to have a nacho potluck for our first team meeting after we vastly expanded the team.  So people brought in cookies and chips and nacho cheese and beans and whatever else you can stuff on tortilla chips.  I enjoyed myself and ate some of everything and was still able to calculate it into my calories and be good for the day.  I – of course – did not take a scale in or a measuring cup, but I estimated pretty good.  And I think that is all that is necessary sometimes.  The problem is, you gotta be honest with your estimates.  You can’t take an obvious cup of refried beans and try to pass it off as 2 tablespoons.  But you should also be learning how to correctly identify food so you don’t have to track and log and measure everything in the future.  Point is, it can be done.

I also played a little basketball which I hadn’t done in a while.  I used to play it a lot when I was attempting to lose weight earlier in my life, and I think I may get back into it.  The hoop at my house is way too short so I will probably end up walking to the school to shoot some hoops there, but I think it’s a great exercise (if you do it right) but it doesn’t seem like exercise.

In fact, now that I think about it, yesterday was a very active day.  My usual walks at work, the gym, basketball and then water aerobics?  No wonder I ate like a pig.  And speaking if pigs and water, I am pretty sure that it is water that is increasing the pain in my back.  I did my water aerobics yesterday and made sure I didn’t do any crazy twisting or jerking around but my back is more tender this morning than it has been since last week when I went to the doctor (which was the day after I went swimming).  As much as people tout the pool as being the place to go when you have injuries, I may have to disagree…


Breakfast – Overnight oatmeal with brown sugar
Snack – Beef jerky
Lunch – Nachos, cheese, meat, refried beans, chocolate chip and no bake cookies
Dinner – Taquitos
Dessert – Fig newtons and a protein shake with Cracklin’ Oat Bran


An hour of walking at work

3.02 miles on the treadmill including jogging up hills (and 12 minutes on the elliptical which did not measure distance)

Basketball (1-on-none)

Water aerobics (the devil)

4 thoughts on “Day 114… Dat’s Nacho Cheese!

  1. I have no actual evidence to back this up but I have heard people say before that water aerobics makes their injury feel worse…I think it is something to do with the water lulling you into a false sense of security and because of the buoyancy thing you don’t get the warnings that you get on land that a certain movement might be hurting you…

    This is not just my fear of drowning coming in to play I promise…but as I say I have no actual evidence or scientific reasoning, just something someone else once said…

    1. This is interesting to know, I may need to look into it. I know that when I’ve had back issues it either stems from sitting too much at work (which I am finally remedying) or swimming. I kinda like swimming 😦

      1. I sometimes find swimming hurts my back because I arch it too much to get my head out of the water…my feet are up and my head up but my tummy pulls down…I swim quite oddly though…I guess as my tummy gets smaller this will stop happening…

  2. also 🙂 you are absolutely right about the food thing, it is perfectly possible to eat out and join in, you just have to make honest estimations and sensible choices 🙂

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