Fat guy running

Ah, holidays.  I tend to work most non-major holidays because it’s simply extra money for me and I tend to get off early enough to not cut into any sort of celebration.  It also means that work is dead quiet and there is normally not a whole lot to do.  And this holiday was no exception.  Labor on Labor Day was dreadfully boring but at least it wasn’t chaotic.

At the end of my shift, after driving home and kissing my wife good afternoon, I decided to go for an actual 5K run.  I’ve done this on the treadmill before but I know that there really is a big difference between running in an air conditioned gym with televisions and a treadmill to keep your speed regulated, and running on a paved trail with the sun blazing down on you and heat pushing you back and smells overwhelming you and hills… those damnable hills.

I had mapped out a roughly 1.55 mile trail with my wife on Sunday and decided that I would run there and back to practice for an actual, real life, bonafide 5K race that was happening later this month.  So I laced up my shoes, tightened my shorts and strapped on the MP3 player.  I took a bottle of water for after the run, threw on a hat to prevent the pate from being burned and drove to my starting line.  I hit play on my music… then I started running.  And about 30 seconds into it I started walking because that first hill was like… straight up.

After a few starts and stops and jogging and running and walking I finished the run.  My GPS told me that I had actually run 3.22 miles and it had taken me just shy of 40 minutes.  Not too bad for a not-too-long-ago-337 pound guy who never liked running.  Not bad for my first attempt at running in the natural world without ESPN to entertain me.  Not bad for a guy who hates the sun and the heat even when indoors.  Not bad at all.


Breakfast – Oatmeal with dark chocolate
Snacks – Beef jerky
Lunch – Pizza!
Dinner – Meatloaf with tortillas and green beans
Snack – Fig Newtons with some peanut butter
Dessert – Protein shake with Cracklin’ Oat Bran


An hour of walking at work

3.22 miles attempting my first outdoor 5K

6 thoughts on “Day 113… I Ran a 5K! Sorta…

  1. 😀 that is awesome!

    Running outside is much nicer than running on a treadmill (and not only because treadmills are contraptions of death much to be feared) The fresh air feel much nicer…probably…I guess it depends on what temperature it was, too hot is…well…too hot, but over here it is rarely too hot!
    well done for just doing it 🙂

    1. Thanks! It was probably close to 90 degrees F so it was pretty toasty. But when my wife and I run in our first 5K it will probably be around that temperature anyway, so gotta get used to it. My biggest problem is the smells. My sense of smell increases when exercising and some outdoor smells aren’t all that pleasant.

      1. that is definitely true! but…some in the gym smells are not that great either!
        when are you running your first 5k?
        I have one in 2 weeks…which I probably won’t be ready for :-S

      2. This is true.

        My wife and I are doing the Dirty Dash (basically a 5K through mud and obstacles) on the 14th of September, then we’re doing a “real” 5K on the 21st of September. I don’t think I’ll be ready for either, but I’m doing them anyway! Walking a 5K to the finish line is still finishing 🙂 You’ll get ‘er done!

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