As much as I talked about being excited about the preseason, it left me feeling kind of flat.  I tend to forget how little the “real” players play and that it isn’t quite as exciting watching the 3rd string running back go against the 4th string defense.  Yesterday got me wishing that they would get rid of the preseason.  I wanted to watch me some football.  Wanted to see some REAL football happening.  At least I only have to wait until Thursday for one of the biggest games of the season (Denver vs. Baltimore anyone?) but it’s still so far away!  At least some good things happened this preseason.  The biggest being Tim Tebow being let go.  I mean, if Bill Belichick can’t turn him into a future Hall of Fame player, who can, right?

Well, while football wasn’t happening, shopping was.  And a nice, long walk in the afternoon.  And some lazy television watching.  And some “spring” cleaning.  And some adjustments on my Fantasy teams.  And some working on my stories.  It wasn’t the laziest Sunday ever, I stayed busy with my wife and kids.  But starting the week after next (I’ll be in Vegas next week), Sunday is game day!


Lunch – Chicken bakes
Dinner – Pizza!
Dessert – Protein shake with Cracklin’ Oat Bran


Walked 3.16 miles with my wife

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