Friday is supposed to be a wonderful day.  For me, it turned into melanoma time.  But I guess I have some explaining to do before I get to the sun-ridden afternoon.

I have Meniere’s Syndrome.  It is an inner ear “issue” that really can cause a lot of issues.  First of all, I have 24/7 tennitus.  It never goes away.  You know when you sometimes get a ringing in your ear and it annoys the hell out of you?  I get have that all…day…long.  I sleep with it ringing, I work with it ringing, I live with it ringing.  I’ve learned to live with it, of course, because I have to.  But I have to have noise around me all the time or I go crazy.

The next symptom is loss of hearing.  I am legally deaf in my left ear.  I can still hear certain sounds and certain volumes of sounds, but if you try to whisper in my ear, I will just stare at you blankly.  It also makes it hard to know where sounds are coming from.  I can hear a sound, but I can’t pinpoint the location.  This is one of the reasons I did not sign up for the military (almost) nor did I become a police officer (took the tests).  I felt it wasn’t safe for me or those I should be protecting.

The final thing it does is cause vertigo.  There are three main causes of the vertigo: very loud noises, very sudden movements causing my head to jerk, and randomness.  I’ve had it happen at work, I’ve had it happen at home, luckily I’ve never had it happen on the road.  But when it happens, it’s lots of nausea followed by emptying of my stomach followed by exhaustion.

Now, the reason I bring this up is because my job had a fire drill yesterday which usually means loud noises.  The head of security told me to leave the building at 12:45 to be ready for it to go off at 1:00.  So I did… and I waited and waited and waited.  Finally at 1:15 I went in and found out there was a medical emergency so they are doing it now.  So I went back outside and waited and waited and waited.  Then finally at about 1:40 it happened.  Then I had to stand outside and wait for the “all clear” to go back in.  Let’s just say I wasn’t happy and my head isn’t either.


Breakfast – Oatmeal with dark chocolate and brown sugar
Snacks – String cheese and beef jerky
Lunch – Sesame chicken with rice
Dinner – Protein shake with Cracklin’ Oat Bran


An hour of walking at work

Walked 2.38 miles with my lovely wife

4 thoughts on “Day 110… The Sun is Evil

  1. Ooh meniers syndrome is no fun! I was given a lot of tests for that once when I was getting a lot of unexplained dizziness and vertigo. Thankfully I don’t have it!
    Sorry you had to waste so much time faffing about!

      1. Thanks 🙂 I still get unexplained dizziness…but not that often now…and I had so many test I am sure it is nothing serious! and as a bonus I got to see scans of my brain 😀

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