So the blog for Wednesday was originally going to be this feel-good story with nothing bringing me down, but then “late last night” had to roll around and just ruin everything.  First with the good news…

I woke up on Wednesday and did my normal things, getting ready for work and getting my food together, but I noticed one slight difference; I was not in pain when using my right arm.  Normally I feel pain no matter what I do.  It doesn’t matter if it’s trying to unscrew a cap on a bottle, carry my lunch bag or take a drink from my giant jug, there is pain.  But on this morning when I was tightening the belt on my pants, I felt absolutely no pain.  I even tried to pull a bit harder just to see if I could feel any pain in my elbow… but there was none.  This, of course, didn’t last forever.  A few hours into work I noticed a dull ache in my elbow.  But throughout the entire day, the sharp pain never returned.  Because of this (and another reason you’ll see below) I have decided not to lift weights the rest of the week.  Even though I rested my arm for weeks before, if it decides to start feeling better on it’s own I will help it along and hope it fully recovers.

This was all good and fine and wonderful until I decided to go swimming.  I am not sure how swimming can tweak my back, but I’ve noticed a trend with my back pain and swimming.  I don’t go off the diving board much (didn’t yesterday) or do any crazy activity like that, I just swim around and play catch with my son and wife.  But while I was swimming, I felt a sharp stab in my back.  This led to very bad pain all night long and into the morning.  Yay.  To add to that, there was an “emergency repair” on the power done in our area shortly after midnight meaning us and 2100 other people had no power for about an hour and a half.  No fans, no A/C, and a muggy night made for nearly impossible sleeping conditions.  Roll that up with my back pain and you’ve got a great big misery burrito.

The good coming out of all of this is that I am making an appointment today for the doctor.  Not just going to say “maybe I need to make an appointment…” I actually am going to as soon as they open.  I’m so over this back pain.  If the elbow pain resolves itself, that is great, but obviously the back pain is going to linger until I do something about it, so I am.


Breakfast – Big Mac Bake
Snacks – Beef jerky and trail mix
Lunch – Mac N Cheese Bake
Snack – Turkey wraps
Dinner – Chicken Pot Pie
Dessert – Protein shake with Cracklin’ Oat Bran


4.11 miles including running, jogging and walking

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