What a crazy day at work.  As soon as I got into work I was bombarded with doing training with some new people on my team.  Then I had to try and clean up all the work I would have been doing that had built up plus take care of everything that was newly coming in.  That’s one unfortunate thing about working so early; the other guy that can actually help me out doesn’t come in for 3 hours so I have 3 hours of work I have to take care of myself.  Darn new people!  But enough complaining about work, I love my job…

Other than that it was a relaxing day.  Got to go to the gym and – though it was pretty crowded with people pretending to work out – I was able to get through my exercises rather quickly.  Then I made dinner and we had an enjoyable meal.  Then my wife and I took our son to see Turbo at the theater and that was enjoyable, and we closed up the evening with some TV watching just before bed.  The only complaint I have is that the days seem to get shorter, or I am getting older.


Breakfast – Big Mac Bake
Snacks – Cucumber with Ranch dressing and some jerky
Lunch – Pizza
Dinner – Mac N Cheese Bake with ham
Dessert – Fig newtons with peanut butter and chocolate syrup, and a protein shake with Cracklin’ Oat Bran


An hour of walking at work

Stronglifts 5×5

Squats – – 235 lbs
Bench Press – – 155 lbs
Barbell Rows – – 155 lbs

10×3 Circuit Training

Sets 1-5 Sets 6-8 Sets 9-10
Upright Rows – – 40 lbs/hand 40 lbs/hand 40 lbs/hand
Close-Grip Press/Pullover – – 30 lbs/hand 30 lbs/hand 30 lbs/hand
Overhead Side Laterals – – 25 lbs/hand 25 lbs/hand 25 lbs/hand
Chest Press – – 40 lbs/hand 40 lbs/hand 40 lbs/hand
Shrug Rows – – 40 lbs/hand 40 lbs/hand 35 lbs/hand
Shrugs – – 60 lbs/hand 60 lbs/hand 60 lbs/hand
Shrug Swings – – 40 lbs 40 lbs 35 lbs
Other Exercises Quantity Done
Crunches – – 75 done
Bicycle Crunches – – 12 done
Pushups- – 30 done
Uppercuts/Jabs – – 30 each

One thought on “Day 106… Monday’s Down!

  1. Today’s song reference should have been “I don’t like Mondays” by the boomtown rats 🙂 as you seem to dislike Mondays…

    Don’t shoooooooot the whole day down though…

    I hope you know the song or this will make no sense…

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