This Friday could have been the perfect Friday if it wasn’t for one lousy thing at work.  Good day, not too busy but not too boring, knew the weekend was coming up, and then the report I am responsible for showed up 4 minutes before I was supposed to get off.  Luckily I was able to get through it pretty quickly, but then I had to rush to the gym and try to do all of my lifting (which I was not able to do because there were too many people) and get home in time for my Fantasy Football draft.  Then I had to find out that the draft had to be rescheduled so I didn’t have to rush.  What a pain… and I guess it was more than one thing at work that was the issue.  Oh well, it was Friday none-the-less.

In other news, my back and elbow are getting worse.  I am ready to go to the doctor about my back but from everything I’ve read and been told, there is nothing you can do about tennis elbow.  I’ve been icing it more which helps some, but as soon as I use it for something it starts to hurt terribly again.  I hate joints.


Breakfast – Overnight Oatmeal with chocolate
Snacks – Beef Jerky and trail mix
Lunch – General Tso’s Chicken with tortillas
Snack – Turkey Wraps
Dinner – Big Mac Bake
Dessert – Protein Shake with Cracklin’ Oat Bran


An hour of walking at work

Stronglifts 5×5

Squats  –  – 230 lbs
Overhead Press  –  – 130 lbs
Deadlift (1×5)  –  – 235 lbs

10×3 Circuit Training

Sets 1-5 Sets 6-8 Sets 9-10
Shoulder Press  –  – 40 lbs/hand 35 lbs/hand 35 lbs/hand
Cuban Press –  – 25 lbs/hand 20 lbs/hand 20 lbs/hand
Bent Arm Laterals  –  – 25 lbs/hand 20 lbs/hand 20 lbs/hand
Iron Cross  –  – 15 lbs/hand 12 lbs/hand 12 lbs/hand
Front Shoulder Press  –  – 35 lbs/hand 30 lbs/hand 30 lbs/hand
Rear Delt Raises  –  – 20 lbs/hand 20 lbs/hand 20 lbs/hand
T Bar  –  – 80 lbs 80 lbs 80 lbs
Other Exercises Quantity Done
Crunches  –  – 65 done

2 thoughts on “Day 103… Glorious Weekend Ahead!

  1. I agree..if it is that bad, go to the doctors, they might be able to refer you to physiotherapy. Or (and possibly) find a good sports therapist! They sorted my hip flexor/back out 🙂

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