Not really, I just couldn’t think of anything else revolving around “101” or Wednesday to use in the title (hump day jokes are over-used).  I guess it’s relevant that school has started this week for half of my kids, the other half having started last week.  School is always a tough time of year.  It is nice to have a few minutes alone during the day while the kids are still at school, but now that one is in our local Junior High, she gets out about the same time we get home.  It is also nice to make them go to bed earlier so we can have some quiet time before we hit the hay.  However, there’s the struggles with helping them do homework, making sure their grades are up to snuff, buying them things they need, making sure they are doing what their supposed to and sometimes (only sometimes) the sadness that they aren’t home as soon as we are.  Sometimes.

Had a rough and busy day at work.  Sometimes it’s like that even when there isn’t some crazy escalation or some crazy breach in security.  Then I sold some stuff on our local classifieds and had to sit around and wait for the guy to show up to buy the stuff before I could go to the gym.  So I finally made it to the gym, and because I was late there were already people there that normally show up after I have started.  So I had to wait to use certain equipment.

On that note, don’t you hate it when you’re doing circuit training or multiple sets with a certain item and people come over and ask if you’re done?  Do they really not see me pumping out set after set with these weights, rotating between them all, sweating all over them?  Yes, until I put the weights back where they belong, I am using it.  Sorry I’m hogging the only set of 35 pound dumbbells in the room, take it up with the people who fund the facility.  First come, first served.

Maybe I’m just an old man who feels entitled to the equipment I want to use?  But I don’t think so.  I don’t stand there and ask the guy on the squat rack I like to use if he’s done while he is standing there resting.  I weight until he walks away from the equipment with no indication that he is returning, then I ask if he is done, then I start using it.  It’s proper gym etiquette I would think.  Get off my lawn!  Er, get off my squat rack!


Breakfast – 2 egg/3 egg white omelet with salsa wrapped in a low carb tortilla
Snacks – Lots of beef jerky
Lunch – Turkey burger on whole wheat with pepper jack cheese and pickles and some onion rings
Dinner – Chili Dogs with salad and ranch
Dessert – Protein shake with Cracklin’ Oat Bran and Fig Newton/Peanut Butter/Chocolate mixture


Stronglifts 5×5

Squats  –  – 225 lbs
Barbell Rows  –  – 140 lbs
Bench Press  –  – 140 lbs

10×3 Circuit Training

Sets 1-5 Sets 6-8 Sets 9-10
Curls  –  – 35 lbs/hand 35 lbs/hand 35 lbs/hand
Skull Crushers  –  – 50 lbs 50 lbs 50 lbs
Concentration Curls  –  – 30 lbs/hand 30 lbs/hand 25 lbs/hand
Hammer Curls  –  – 40 lbs/hand 40 lbs/hand 40 lbs/hand
Tricep Pulldowns  –  – 90 lbs 80 lbs 80 lbs
V Raises  –  – 25 lbs/hand 25 lbs/hand 25 lbs/hand
Tricep Extensions  –  – 90 lbs 80 lbs 80 lbs
Dips  –  – 160 lbs assisted 160 lbs assisted 160 lbs assisted
Other Exercises Quantity Done
Crunches  –  – 60 done
Bicycle Crunches  –  – 11 done
Step Ups/Step Downs  –  – 90 done

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