Well, I am apparently doing something wrong, or the BodyMedia isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  It has now been 4 weeks of 281.4, 281.4, 282.8 and 281.4.  I even tried a different scale with the same results.  Maybe I wasted $80 on this thing and should have just tried it the old fashioned way.  I know I’m being accurate with my measurements and how much food I eat so it’s not that.  Either way, not happy today, that’s for sure.  Guess I’ll stop relying on the equipment and just eat even less than I do now.  Measuring is impossible when I’m this overweight because it changes every time I measure… I don’t feel any skinnier since 4 weeks ago… I just think it’s not working and I guess I have to figure out something else.

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