So it started off as a very, very low calorie day and ended with a bang!  My friend had invited me to go shooting and so I went.  I had eaten a minimal breakfast (pretty bare and small protein shake) and then he let me know at about 11 that they were leaving.  So I grabbed all my stuff and headed out the door without worrying about food.  So by the time I got home it was almost time for dinner, and I had only consumed about 455 calories.  Well, we took care of that at dinner.  I had a tasty breaded baked chicken breast, some rice, soup, salad and beans.  That pretty much made up for skipping lunch, at least with my estimates.

That is the tough thing about eating at non-chain places.  You kind of have to estimate what you eat.  I had no idea the size of chicken breast, what was in the breading or sauces, what was in the soup, etc.  So I estimated.  I tend to try and estimate high just to be safe, but I really wish ALL places had nutrition information available.  Oh well, such is life when you choose to eat out instead of locking yourself in your house with salad and fruit.

After the dinner we went to the “new” Star Trek movie and I quite liked it. 


Breakfast – Protein shake
Dinner – Breaded baked chicken, rice, ranch beans, taco soup and salad with a roll
Dessert – Protein brownies


None really, just walked around a lot while shooting

3 thoughts on “Day 83… Shootin’ and Datin’

  1. Couldn’t agree more, I hate the fact that when eating out they don’t have the nutrition information available. And I think I suck at estimating anything, so it’s awful. >:-( Sometimes I feel like I should just skip eating out because of that, but then on the other hand I’d be the only one losing there – the restaurant wouldn’t care haha. 🙂

    1. Exactly! And I don’t think I would be going my whole life not eating out. I love eating out and I am going to continue to do it. I just have to estimate as best I can and try to estimate high if necessary.

  2. eating out is all abut making good choices, it is doable, but I think the key is not going overboard when you do. Estimating high is good too (i do that just to be on the safeside). I tend to skip anything that is too saucy, or chose a tomato based sauce rather than a cream based one, and avoid puddings.
    Sounds like you did ok though 😀

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