So I didn’t officially run a 5K today but it’s the first time I ran from 0-3.1 miles nonstop and without any walking involved. It felt pretty good! I probably could have gone faster (I think it took just under 41 minutes) but it was the first real attempt.

My wife and I will probably be doing our first races in September, a dirty dash and a 5K. I’m excited for both but also nervous. I still need to try to get outside and run off a treadmill. Not being regulated is a whole new ballgame!


Breakfast – Turkey omelet and oatmeal
Snacks – Strawberry yogurt and string cheese
Lunch – Chicken nuggets and fries
Dinner – Turkey chili
Dessert – Protein brownies, ice cream bread and a protein shake


An hour of walking at work

4.31 mile run/walk in 60 minutes

3 thoughts on “Day 81… The 5K

  1. that is excellent 🙂 well done!
    I can’t run on a treadmill…I get really disoriented and worry about falling off (I know I should stop worrying about falling off things and / drowning :-p)
    I find running out side much nicer, you can change pace as and when you feel like it and there is more to look at 🙂

    1. You do seem to worry about being injured quite a bit 😀

      I haven’t run at all outside recently so I am going to have to get used to it since we’ll be doing some 5Ks and other things soon.

      1. hehe, i am not actually quite as paranoid as I make out, I just have a good imagination for worst case scenarios!
        the treadmill thing is more a fear of getting looked at by the “gym types”
        ok…i am slightly paranoid…I’ll admit it 😀

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