Well, as much as tabata has been a running part of recent life, I’ve talked with my wife and we have decided to let it die.  With me starting up strength training again (on top of cardio) and my wife starting up resistance-band training (on top of cardio) we are both too sore to do tabata as well.  We will probably continue to go for a walk on the weekend, but doing tabata on top of all we do is just too much.  Strength training, cardio, swimming, aqua aerobics and walking is quite a bit, so I think I am good.

I feel like I ate a lot today, and I probably did.  But I was able to stay within my calorie goal so I don’t mind.  It is strange how one day I can eat hundreds of calories less than another day but not be hungry, and some days I eat hundreds more and I still feel like I’m starving.  Calories and food are a fickle thing.  It probably has to do with the “quality” of what I am eating though I don’t know.  I can eat crap at a fast food joint and feel fine, but I eat a nice salad with chicken and cheese at home and I just want more.


Breakfast – Oatmeal with brown sugar and dark chocolate
Lunch – General Tso’s, orange chicken and chicken tenders with potato wedges
Dinner – Beef fajitas
Snack – Ice Cream Bread
Dessert – Protein shake with Cracklin’ Oat Bran


1 hour of walking at work

3.93 miles in 60 minutes including HIIT and incline walking

Swimming and aqua aerobics

5 thoughts on “Day 79… The Death of Tabata

  1. It is good to change your exercise routine around, your body gets used to one sort of exercise so giving things a rest for a while is not a bad thing. There is no reason why you can’t take it up again later if you feel like it 🙂
    lots of walking, swimming and strength training is definitely a good lot of exercise, especially as you seem to be doing something every day…and that is without even considering the aqua aerobicing which still sounds like potential drowning to me :-p

    1. Still no drowning going on!

      Yeah, I think we are good for now. I may add tabata on just the weekend or possibly in place of something else in the future, but it was just too much. I know I eventually want to start doing P90X and/or Insanity someday but that is a whole different ballgame. One thing that sucks about getting healthy is the massive amount of different exercises out there. Too many to choose from.

      1. Glad there is no drowning 😀
        I like (in a crazy sort of way) the look of Insanity…but I think I need to be in better shape first!

      2. I thought that, too, but as others have told me… you can always do as much as you can and work your way up to doing the full thing.

      3. maybe I will give it some more thought…it is just quite pricey on top of gym membership and personal training…so maybe when i stop one of the other things 🙂

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