So today was an interesting day.  I’ve lost enough weight that I’ve been having “ring issues” for a while.  My wedding ring basically doesn’t stay on without me paying attention to it.  Well, today I was sitting on the bed about to input my food for the evening when I said “Where the hell is my ring!?”  After searching for a while and having no luck, my wife found it nestled in the ice bag.  Apparently when I had been making my protein shake it fell off when I was grabbing ice.  Guess I really need to work on getting one that fits.

Other than that, was a typical day.  Good day at work, good day at the gym, good day with my family watching a movie, good day in general.  Except losing the ring… that was a bit scary.  Yay for losing weight, boo for losing rings.


Breakfast – Oatmeal with dark chocolate
Snacks – Yogurt and string cheese
Lunch – Spaghetti Bake
Dinner – Chicken strips, General Tso’s, Orange chicken and tater wedges
Dessert – Protein shake with Cracklin’ Oat Bran


Stronglifts 5×5
Squats – 180 lbs
Overhead Press – 105 lbs
Deadlift – 185 lbs

Lat raises (20/25 lbs), overhead pull (45 lbs), dumbbell rows (30/35 lbs), chest flies (25/30 lbs), chest press (30 lbs), pectoral flies (90 lbs), crunches (35) and jumping rope (130)

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