Well, it was a bitter-sweet day today.  Had to see my girls off to their mother’s home today but also was able to celebrate 1 year of knowing my wife.  It was a great day and we both decided we were just going to be carefree as far as eating went.  Of course, that meant we were still tracking what we ate and deciding if we really wanted to eat more or not.  We both ate more than normal, but nothing crazy.  And nothing that the rest of the week won’t make up for.  It was a very nice evening filled with food we both enjoy and a very strange move (The Great Gatsby is just… weird).  I love spending date night with my wife!

Sadly, tomorrow is back-to-work time for me after having a week off.  I wish I didn’t have to, but such is life.  At least I got some quality time with my girls and the rest of my family.


Lunch – Chicken bake and pizza
Dinner – Golden Corral pigout
Dessert – Some carrot cake


18 minutes of Tabata

Walked for a mile or more today because we wanted to

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