So I did quite a bit of moving around today, especially for a day off.  Normally at work I would walk more than 2 miles going in and out of work plus my break/lunch walks.  But when I’m at home, I’m a bit lazier.  Today, however, I had to do a lot of it.  I walked about 6-7 blocks to get my vehicle that was in the shop, walked a lot around a couple of stores, and then hit the gym.  I feel good about how much moving around I do on days like today.  I feel better doing this than sitting around doing nothing (not that there’s anything wrong with that here and there).

Shopping is not my favorite thing and clothes shopping with two girls is FAR from my favorite thing.  But I love them dearly and I know how much school clothes means to a kid.  I still shop at WalMart so I don’t feel bad about buying them clothes from there, but man it is expensive to do anymore.  I wonder how much it cost my mom back in the day…

I finished my first full week of weight lifting in about a month and it feels good.  Stronglifts 5×5 along with some specific muscle groups each lifting day is working well so far.  Tabata in the morning and cardio when I can is just the ticket to get everything moving in the right direction.  Or I guess… keep it moving in the right direction.  I’ve been moving pretty good for 75 days now.


Breakfast – Spaghetti Bake
Lunch – Asiago chicken club and fries
Dinner – Hamburger and hot dog with onion rings
Snack – Popcorn


18 minutes of Tabata

Stronglifts 5×5
Squats – 175 lbs
Barbell Rows – 125 lbs
Bench Press – 125 lbs

Dumbbell curls (25 lbs), tricep pulldowns (35 lbs), hammer curls (35 lbs), reverse curls (40 lbs), isolated curls (20/15 lbs), assisted dips (130/150 lbs), crunches (30) and jumping rope (120)

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