So I started back up at the weight room today.  It’s been a while due to doing C25K and having elbow and other pains.  But regardless of the elbow, I was back at the gym.  It did hurt a bit, was quite tender, but I pushed through.  I feel good doing weight training again. I know it is important for both men and women when losing weight.  Most people don’t realize you will lose muscle as well as fat when you are losing weight, so you have to do everything you can to maintain your lean body mass.

Had a fun first day with my girls.  We all went to Nickel City (sort of an arcade but takes nickels instead of quarters) and then had some lunch.  Then hit up the gym, had a nice dinner then went out to do family pictures.  This – of course – after kicking the railing on the stairs and damaging my toes.  If people know me, you’ll know I’ve had foot issues for nearly a year now and this certainly doesn’t help.  I’m not letting it hold me back, though!


Breakfast – Turkey wraps
Lunch – Chicken bake
Dinner – Teriyaki chicken and broccoli
Dessert – Protein shake with some peanut butter pie


Stronglifts 5×5
Squats – 165
Bench Press – 120
Barbell Rows – 120

Lat raises (20 lbs), overhead pull (40/45 lbs), dumbell rows (30 lbs), chest flies (25 lbs), crunches (20) and jumping rope (100)

2 thoughts on “Day 71… Beginning Lifting (Again)

    1. Sorry for the late reply. C25K was pretty awesome, I must say. Good luck to you. And when I lost weight years ago I did nothing but circuit training with weights and I loved how quickly I lost weight and built muscle. It’s too hard now because during the day there are quite a few people at the gym so circuit training is out of the question. But weight lifting is still a great thing to do.

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