Today was a crummy day… food-wise.  I had leftover Popeye’s chicken and biscuits and then Burger King chicken nuggets.  Not the worst food in the world but high calories (and trans fat, sadly).

Other than that, it was a long drive today.  I went and picked up my girls and then brought them home.  I left shortly after 4 am and returned home at 4 pm.  I hate doing it but I love when I get to spend times with my girls.  They’re eating the same healthy stuff we are but I made sure it wasn’t strange stuff they wouldn’t want.

Unfortunately, since I spent most of the day on my butt in the car I didn’t burn squat over my BMR so my calorie deficit will be around 500 or so.  That’s fine still, it is a deficit, just not what I want.


Breakfast – Popeye’s chicken strips and biscuits
Lunch – Burger King chicken nuggets and fries
Dinner – Chicken Breast Supreme with baked potatoes
Dessert – Watermelon



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