Sixty Niiiine!

So this weekend will be crazy.  Had lots to do today including our date to Costco so didn’t eat the best, but still under calories.  Also had family pictures to do and then had to go to bed early to drive and pick up my girls in the morning.  Won’t be eating the best tomorrow, either!  But that’s ok.  I’ve lost 51 pounds and don’t plan on stopping!  I also don’t plan on becoming a rabbit.  Gimme my Costco hot dog!

Also, this week will be crazy having two more kids in the house.  Still have good meals planned but it’s gonna be tougher for me to blog (not that anyone reads this) so I will probably forget a day or two and have to make up for it.  Oh well, I do that already anyway!


Lunch – Costco hot dog and chicken bake
Dinner – Enchilada Bake
Dessert – Protein shake with Cracklin’ Oat Bran


Just shopping

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