Due to some family obligations, we decided to have our date night tonight.  That means eating out and not necessarily the best stuff.  However, even though it was some “terrible” fast food, it all fit within my macros (ask me if you care) and my calories so I don’t care.  I love taking my wife out on dates… nothing like some one-on-one time.  And we try to get as much as we can.

Today is also the last day of my C25K!  I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 9 weeks already.  What’s more amazing is that I haven’t stopped once, even when I was sore.  I’ve done what the program says each day and I am very proud of myself if I don’t say so myself.  Tonight will be my last 30 minutes straight of running before I change things up next week.  Next week I will be switching to M, W, F strength training and T, Th cardio.  On those cardio days I will probably be simply running though I may throw in some HIIT and some low impact-high calorie burn things (like slow walking up a steep hill).  I also need to start running outside because I know it is quite different from running on a treadmill.

Other than all that excitement, today was a good day.  I was hungry a bit more than normal and I’m not sure why, but not to the point where I felt like I had to eat something.  Hopefully it’s not a new things…


Breakfast – Oatmeal with dark chocolate
Snacks – Yogurt and string cheese
Lunch – Quinoa burgers and salad
Dinner – Popeye’s Chicken strips and onion rings
Dessert – Protein shake with Cracklin’ Oat Bran


An hour of walking at work

C25K -4.61 miles

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