Well, I did it again… I skipped doing tabata this morning.  I actually am not sure why.  My arms hurt, my thigh hurts (long story there) and I just didn’t feel it when the alarm went off at 4:38 this morning.  Hopefully this isn’t me turning lazy again.  I am still going to the gym after work, still watching my calories and making sure I am under, but I just didn’t want to get up.  Maybe every now and then it’s okay?  I mean, I have been pushing myself pretty good.  Even on days I plan on resting I normally am out doing something active.  Maybe I shouldn’t feel TOO bad about it.  I just don’t want it to become a habit.  Or maybe I need to fall asleep sooner.

Didn’t bring lunch today so got to enjoy the cafeteria at work again.  I still try to pick fairly healthy sometimes but sometimes I just want to add a slice of pizza to whatever I pick.  Pizza is so good! But bad… but not terrible, just not good… but it is good.  Thank you Jennie for the cookie even though I almost always say no, I figured why not!?  I have been good for the most part, I have not yet gone over my calorie goal in 52 days, I am pretty sure a cookie will not hurt me.  And it was delicious.

So I plan on getting back on track completely tomorrow.  I will be up and doing tabata – arm and leg pain or no arm and leg pain – and I will be at the gym every weekday.  Since the pool is closed for the 4th of July, I may do something extra this weekend to make up for not being able to do water aerobics and swimming, but we’ll see.  It might all depend on what the scale says on Saturday morning.  I used to love getting up for Saturday morning cartoons, now I dread getting up for the Saturday morning weigh-in.  Times sure change…


Breakfast – 2 low carb/high fiber turkey wraps
Snack – Caramel Spice Cake yogurt, a chocolate chip cookie and some string cheese
Lunch – Turkey burger on whole wheat with onion rings
Dinner – Green Bean Spaghetti
Dessert – Protein shake with some cookies blended in


60 minutes of walking during breaks and lunch
3.85 miles in 60 minutes on the treadmill

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