So I didn’t get up and do tabata this morning.  I should have, probably… I can still do things with my legs, but I am so bummed about my stupid arms that I just didn’t feel like it.  My shoulder still hurts, my elbow still hurts, and I am still needing to lose weight.  I guess if I really feel bad about this I will be getting up tomorrow morning to do tabata even if I can’t use my arms.

Other than that, it was a typical day.  Now that I’ve gotten into the groove of the Bodymedia device, I am really learning how to eat properly.  Sure, I probably still eat a little too much fat, I get yelled at for eating cholesterol and my salt intake is high, but I guess things could be worse.  We bake most everything we eat ourselves and the salt content is STILL high so I am not sure how to lower that.  Fat can sometimes be healthy but I know I probably eat plenty that isn’t, and you can’t take away my eggs.  I spent 18 years NOT eating them, I am eating them now.

I also found a website called from a co-worker and it is a site that rewards you for exercising.  Sure, you don’t get free stuff but discounted items, but it is still pretty cool.  Kind of gives me something to work towards – as if losing weight wasn’t reward enough!


Breakfast – Turkey wrap and 2 egg omelet
Snacks – Caramel Spice Cake yogurt and string cheese
Lunch – Chile Rellano
Dinner – Chicken Nuggets and fries
Dessert – Protein shake with almonds


C25K – 4.19 miles in 60 minutes

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