Date night!  And Seven Peaks… which isn’t nearly as exciting.  I did get burned a little but I put on sunscreen every hour or so.  Guess I need to do it more.  Did tabata and had fun at the pool but that is all the working out I did.  Tomorrow is going to be a lazy day, probably my first full day away from exercise except we are probably going on a walk.

Ate at Popeye’s Chicken and it was freakin’ delicious.  Also went to a movie (Ironman 3) and had popcorn.  And even with all of that I stayed under my calorie goal so that is awesome for me!  I love my wife…


Breakfast – Protein Shake with peanut butter
Lunch – 2 low carb/high fiber turkey wraps and Caramel Spice Cake yogurt
Dinner – Spicy chicken strips and a loaded chicken wrap with cajun fries
Snack – Popcorn


18 minutes of tabata

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