I would say today was a lazy day because of my elbow, but between the Tabata this morning and my C25K with incline walking I burned over 1600 calories, so I will thumb my nose at “being lazy” for the day.

Because of our dinner choice last night I didn’t have anything to bring for lunch, but I had a delicious blue cheese, roasted turkey and ranch wrap in a spinach tortilla.  It was one of the most delicious things I’ve eaten… and I’ve had it before.  It’s amazing the appreciation you have for food when you are no longer stuffing 4-5000 calories down your throat every day.

Speaking of that… yes, that is about what I ate.  I figured a typical week for myself and it ended up being more than 4500 calories per day, and that is just the “typical” stuff, not counting random snacking on random things.  Now I struggle to get up to my goal of 2060 per day.  Crazy how things work.


Post-workout & Breakfast – Two low carb/high fiber turkey wraps
Snack – Caramel Spice Cake yogurt and string cheese
Lunch – Turkey spinach wrap
Dinner – Dottie’s Chicken Casserole
Dessert – Chocolate peanut butter protein shake with almonds


18 minutes of Tabata

C25k – 4.15 miles in 60 minutes

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