Back from camping!  Wasn’t too bad of a trip.  Did a whole lot of nothing.  Though I did wander around a few times and chop up some wood so I got a good calorie burn.  I was also able to stay under my calorie goal while enjoying things like cookies and chocolate.  It was a nice trip.

Today was a busy Sunday.  Had to pack up the car and bring everything home.  Then unpack the car, wash it inside and out, clean our clothes, get everyone showered and then get to the store.  As soon as we were back from the store we started making dinner.  Right now is about the first relaxing part of today we’ve had.  But it was a nice weekend and tomorrow is back to working out, working and working out some more.


Breakfast/Brunch – Denny’s Bourbon Street Chicken Skillet
Dinner – Homemade low carb pizza
Dessert/Snack – Chocolate Peanut Butter protein shake


Packing and unpacking the car I guess?

Went for a nice little walk with my lovely wife and one of my daughters.

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