My backside is very sore.  When I was done doing C25K yesterday, I decided to do some uphill walking… I can feel it, that’s for sure.  Then the swimming probably aided in the muscle tension in my posterior.  That’s okay though, it’s not a pain, just a good, sore muscle.  Still did some Jillian and still did some cardio, but no strength still.

My back on the other hand is pretty sore.  Hopefully I get over it this week.  It is not as bad as yesterday, but I shouldn’t have tried diving yesterday in the pool.  I think that made my back worse.


Post-workout meal – Carb balance wrap with Creamy Southwest Chicken
Breakfast – 2 egg omelet with turkey
Snack – Carbmaster Carrot Cake yogurt and cheese sticks
Lunch – Parmesan chicken and salad with ranch
Dinner – Turkey stuffed green peppers
Dessert/snack – Chocolate peanut butter protein shake with almonds and a whipped peanut butter treat


Day 18 (day 8 of level 2) of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

3.63 miles in 60 minutes – walking

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