I have been thinking of “Thoughts of the Day” for a while and figured I’d post them all here.  I also have made a page to compile them all.  Each weekday (or maybe more often) I will post some sort of thought for the day.  Hopefully people will read them and be a little inspired!

“Cheating yourself may seem innocent, but you can’t fool the scale!”


“If the obstacles you place in front of you are simple, your accomplishments will be the same. Challenge yourself!”


“Your muscles may be weak, your body may be tired, but your mind can do amazing things. Don’t give up!”


“Making a mistake isn’t failing, failing to continue on is. Don’t ever give up!”


“Willpower is a result of the heart. The mind can “need” it, the body can “want” it, but your heart has to desire it.”


“Taking one step forward and one step back will leave you standing in place. Jump into this change with both feet and you will reach your goal before you know it.”


“Defeat is an option. It’s the easiest option out there. Everyone will fall at some point along their path and the simplest thing to do is to lie and wait for the inevitable. But remember; you chose this path, you want this path, you need this path, you desire this path. Pick yourself up and continue on.”


“Every step towards your goal does not have to be a massive step. Baby steps will get you where you want to be eventually. Push yourself but know yourself.”


“Yesterday’s mistake is today’s lesson that breeds tomorrow’s achievement. Live, learn and grow!”


“DIETING means “Developing Idiotic Eating Traits for Instant and Non-lasting Gratification”… we’re making lifestyle changes here, keep that in mind!”


“The secret to eating better is the same as exercising. JUST DO IT! Talking about how you want to eat healthier is like talking about how you want to exercise while you’re watching Kathy Ireland workout videos and munching on Doritos! Less talk, more doing!”


“Don’t forget to live! So many times we’re consumed with eating healthy, working out, drinking water, not eating that, not doing this… that we forget about living. Don’t forget your family, don’t forget your friends, don’t forget your work, and most of all… don’t forget yourself!”


“This journey requires nobody’s approval, nobody’s desire and nobody’s strength but your own… but just like climbing a mountain, a helping hand here and there doesn’t hurt. Thanks for being my helping hands!”

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