Another day, another pain!  But they are good pains.  My butt hurts.  My legs hurt.  My lats hurt.  My abs even hurt a little.  But it will all be worth it… at least that is what Jillian says.  Day 5 of the 30 Day Shred done, another day of Stronglifts and C25K done, another successful eating day.  Everything is going well!  The only problem is in my back.  It hurts in a way it shouldn’t.  I started wearing a weight belt while lifting so hopefully that eases that pain.  But all the other pain can stay as long as it means I’m getting stronger!


Breakfast – 2 egg omelet with turkey
Snacks – Carbmaster Caramel Spice Cake Yogurt and some string cheese
Lunch – Cream Cheese Stirfry
Dinner – Spinach Lasagna
Snack/Dessert – Peanut butter and a low carb no bake cookie


Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred – Day 5

Squats 5×5:

Bench Press 5×5:

Barbell Rows 5×5:

C25K – 2.38 miles in 34 minutes

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