Today was another wonderful day.  Temptations all over (bagels, donuts and pastries, etc. all over the building) but I only cursed under my breath once.  My legs are very sore from all the working out (I can tell the stronglifts program works) but I still managed a good cardio workout today.  Also took the kids swimming the first time this week since the clouds decided to stay away today.  I’m feeling better and better each day about myself, though I personally can’t SEE anything different.  I took pictures when I started and will compare every 30 days probably just to see.  I also did measurements and weighed obviously.  In other news, my wife is feeling better about herself, too!  Trying to keep her motivated and get her loving what we’re doing!  I want her to be healthy with me and be stuck with me for a very, very long time 🙂


Breakfast – 2 egg omelet with zucchini chips
Snack – Carbmaster Strawberry yogurt
Snack – Zucchini chips
Lunch – Grilled chicken and garlic zicchini
Dinner – Ravioli Pizza Bake
Snack/Dessert – Peanut butter


The C25K program (week 2) and some HIIT; 4.37 miles in 60 minutes

Went swimming with the kids.

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