So I went over yesterday’s results a little bit, but I figured I’d go over the temptations I’ve avoided since I started this trek down a new path.

Pizza – Pizza was brought into work one day as a reward for increased scores in our department.  Instead of having the typical 4 or more pieces, I ate one piece in place of my dinner.  And I didn’t eat the meaty or calorie ridden stuff, I ate the spinach pizza.

Carrot Cake – Someone was nice enough to leave a large carrot cake in the break room with a sticker on it saying “help yourself” or something along those lines.  I didn’t even glance at it more than once.

Birthday Cake/Ice Cream – There have been multiple birthdays and multiple birthday treats.  I have indulged in exactly 0 of those.

Golden Corral – I went over this yesterday, but keeping my dinner to some steak, chicken, broccoli and salad while avoiding pizza, potatoes, tacos, bread and ANY desserts is a win in my book.

Corner Street Bakery – Many days these items are brought in for meetings and they have leftovers.  I have walked past quite a few sandwiches and brownies lately.

Cookies – Each week they bring in different snacks.  Sometimes it is cookies, sometimes it is bagels.  Maybe it will be chips or crackers or fruit.  Me… I’ve had none of it.  Here is a picture of the cookies I looked at once and walked away from!


Yes, I know they have been mostly rifled through, but I wouldn’t care.  I avoided them because they are useless calories!

Point is, I figured I would brag some more.  I could easily indulge in any and all of these, but where would I be?  Back to square one.

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