So in yesterday’s meals you may have noticed the Sharataki Miracle Noodles that my wife and I had for dinner.  Let me go into what these are.

Miracle Noodles are a noodle made from the Konjac plant and is pretty much made up of nothing but dietary fiber called glucomannan.  This plant is harvested, ground into a flour and formed into these noodles (or rice).  They are translucent, chewy and gummy and have virtually no flavor.  They are great for soaking up the flavor of whatever you cook it with as long as it is juicy, saucey or very flavorful.  These noodles have basically no calories, no carbs and nothing else!  But since they are a soluble fiber it helps slow digestion and keeps you fuller longer!

When you first open the package you are going to get a fishy smell.  Don’t let this deter you!  Once you rinse them off and start boiling them, the smell will go away.  Pretty much, after you clean them and cook them, the only thing to turn you away would be the texture.  If you can’t eat rubbery feeling food, you won’t be able to eat these.

I ate the rice yesterday with some Orange Chicken and I thought it was quite delicious.  I felt very full, didn’t have any bad aftertaste or any bad taste at all, and I didn’t miss “real” rice.

So give these a try if you want.  They are a bit pricey for a small amount, but if you only occasionally want to add some rice or noodles to your meals without adding carbs, check them out!

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