Today was a good day and a good test of my willpower.  We went to Golden Corral (funny, since I wrote it a goodbye letter recently) because it has been on the menu for longer than I’ve been changing my life.  I did great, though, I feel!  I knew what to eat, how much of it to eat, and what to avoid.  I didn’t get tempted by the ice cream or pie or cake even though I would have loved some.  I stuck to proteins and salad.  Who’s proud of me!?

My wife and I also started the Stronglifts 5×5 program for our weightlifting.  Started off pretty easy for me but I will follow the instructions and do what I am told!  Also continued into week 2 of the C25K program.


Breakfast: Two egg omelet with a couple pieces of Orange Chicken
Snack: Carbmaster Strawberry and Pomegranate yogurt and a cheese stick
Lunch: Some Orange Chicken
Dinner: Golden Corral (Steak, Bourbon Street Chicken, garlic chicken wing, Salad with spinach and Ranch)


Squats 5×5
115 lbs

Bench 5×5
95 lbs

Barbell Rows 5×5
65 lbs

Did C25K program and went 2.14 miles in 30 minutes

P.S.  These weights may seem low but I am following the program as recommended 🙂

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