So today was a lazy day.  Didn’t do a whole lot in the workout area, but also didn’t eat very much at all.  I had someone suggest that I drink a protein drink to add to my intake if I’m not hungry.  I may have to do that because I really don’t get hungry and I really don’t want to eat simply because I “need” to.  We’ll see what happens.  I like that I don’t have to eat much, but I don’t want to starve myself skinny.  Date night was tonight and I think I did pretty good.  A burger with no bun, salad instead of fries.  Go me!


Breakfast: 3 egg (only 2 yolk) omelet with turkey
Lunch: Two chicken dogs with some honey mustard
Dinner: 1/4 hamburger with bacon and American cheese along with a salad and Ranch
Snack/Dessert: Bananas & Creme protein shake


None, really.  Just cleaned the house and went shopping.

6 thoughts on “Day 13…

      1. Have you seen much of a difference between using it before as opposed to during? Susan is so against these things because she equates it to “using a pill to lose weight” but in my opinion, getting rid of the toxins is not a bad idea.

      2. I never tried during. I mainly used it for the initial cleanse when starting to eat better. I know it helps you flush out the system, but I don’t think it’s like taking a pill to lose weight myself.

  1. Well no, I didn’t think that’s what you were using it for. I was just saying what Susan equates the cleanses to, and I don’t agree with her so my main focus on researching this is your experience using it and what if any negative effects you’ve noticed.

    1. Oh, no negative side effects that I have ever seen. You spend a little more time in the bathroom than normal, but that’s about it. I’ve never had any downside to taking the cleanse.

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