Well, days seem to be getting easier and easier.  Though today was a bit more rough than normal.  Dinner wasn’t the best on the menu healthwise and we were at a dance competition for a loooong time, so I didn’t get another snack in that I normally would have.  Oh well.  Didn’t feel too hungry, drank some water when I got home then went to bed.


Breakfast: Pork Roast with 2 eggs
Snack: Cheese Stick
Lunch: Pork Roast and garlic green beans
Dinner: Mac, Cheese & Ham Bake


Shoulder Press
3×10 – 80/80/80

One Arm Rows
3×10 – 35/35/35

T.G. Rotation
3×10 – 20/20/20

Lat Raises
3×10 – 20/20/20

Hammer Curls
3×10 – 25/25/25

Went 2.24 miles in 30 minutes doing the C25K program.

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