Today was a great day and I had (what I feel) was a significant win.  Today at work they decided to reward us with some pizza.  Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE pizza.  And by love, I mean I LOOOOOVE the stuff.  So I sat there thinking… was this going to be the day I fell off the train?  Was I going to blow it right now?  They even asked me to help carry the pizza up from the delivery guy!  It was terrible.  So what happened, you might ask?

I did research.  I found that a slice of pizza was actually more healthy (in most ways) than the lasagna I had brought from home.  So I decided to take the lasagna home and ate a piece of spinach pizza along with the salad that I brought.  For me, that’s like giving up a winning lottery ticket for a scratch ‘n’ sniff sticker!   I was rather proud of that myself.


Breakfast: Leftover Philly Cheesesteak mix with 2 eggs
Lunch: 1 slice of Spinach Alfredo pizza and a salad
Dinner: Pork Roast and garlic green beans
Dessert/Snack: Fudgey Brownie with Peanut Butter


The stupid treadmill shut off twice so I am not sure how far I ran, but I am certain it was over 4 miles (since I was averaging well over 4).  Did the C25K program then some HIIT followed by a brisk walk.

Went swimming, leisurely.

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