Today was even better… at least as far as the food goes.  I never really felt hungry, though I did add a small snack between breakfast and lunch which I think was needed.  I know it is only day 3, but I really feel good about what is happening.  I am sure there will be times I have to take a step off the tracks (such as when we are having pasta this month, can’t always replace pasta with something else) but for the most part, even if I am eating carbs (which is what I am avoiding) I am not eating nearly as much, not eating things full of sugar and empty carbs and calories and am just overall doing a lot better.  Glad the first week is half done!


Breakfast – 2 eggs (changed up and used homemade ranch instead of mustard)
Snack – String cheese
Lunch – Grilled chicken salad with homemade ranch
Snack – Pickle
Dinner – Shmeared Balls with Broccoli and cheese


Bench Press
5-3-1 – 185/205/215

One Arm Rows
3×10 – 30/30/30

T.G. Rotation
3×10 – 20/20/15

Lat Raises
3×10 – 25/20/20

Hammer Curls
3×10 – 20/25/25

Walked 2.01 miles in 30 minutes

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