Day 1 of the rest of my life.  Not fully into the lifestyle change but making big strides.  Definitely feeling hungry but fighting those cravings.  Not completely away from Diet Pepsi but drastically reduced how much of it I drink.  Mostly water and unsweetened green/lemon tea.  Excited to get this all going!


Breakfast – 2 eggsSnack – Few pieces of beef jerky
Lunch – 3 homemade chicken tenders w/homemade fries
Snack – Large pickle
Dinner – Beef & Cheddar casserole with broccoli instead of noodles


Shoulder Press
3×10 – 90/80/80

Lat Pulldowns
3×10 – 100/110/110

Chest Press
3×10 – 85/95/85

Pec Fly
3×10 – 105/105/90

3×10 – 20/25/25

Walked 1.88 miles in 30 minutes

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