Man, I can’t believe how things change. In 2009 I weighed nearly 400 pounds… I made a choice on November 1st 2009 and started changing my lifestyle and went from 377 pounds (that is when I started weighing in November, I started eating better on October 1st so I know I weighed more) and ended up at 252 pounds in October 2010. Now I weigh 337 pounds. How do I let these things happen?

I make excuses and want to point fingers, but the fact remains it is my fault and my choice. I know I need to go back to what I did in 2010. I know I want to run without hurting and gasping for breath, I know I want to play with all of my kids without being exhausted and I want my wife to think I’m sexy.

I don’t want to use supplements, I don’t want gimmicky equipment or pills, I don’t want to starve myself. I’ve done this before by just changing the way I viewed food, exercise and myself. And I am going to do it again.

This time, however… it’s gotta stick.

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